Raccoons thrive in close association with man, and their numbers are increasing in urban areas. As raccoons become more abundant, problems of bird depredation, disease transmission and property damage will increase...

Effective Control and Prevention Services

We investigate your problem in detail, because we know that raccoons can cause lots of damage and be a nuisance problem in and around houses and outbuildings when they seek shelter or when they raid garbage in search of food.

Raccoons love to take up residence in attics. You may hear noises during early mornings and evenings when the raccoon is most active since they are primarily nocturnal. Raccoons can get into a home several ways; garage doors left open, broken windows, gutter down spouts, trees that over hang the roof and many other countless ways. Once a raccoon is on a roof it can rip open vents or find construction gaps in soffits, which will lead to a raccoon in the attic. When you have a raccoon problem in attics or walls, insulation will be damaged and contaminated with urine and feces. We provide expert repairs to keep raccoons out of the attic and home. We also specialize in attic clean up, which consist of removal of all damaged and contaminated insulation, food and excrement left behind. The clean out service may be covered by your home owners insurance.

Hands-on Humane Removal and Exclusion with wire mesh screening are the methods which are the most effective, successful methods of raccoon removal and control. Our professional staff have the necessary knowledge and experience to resolve your problem very quickly. We provide complete roof and siding repairs and can install or repair deterrents like chimney caps and vent covers which provide good raccoon pest control prevention.

There are many other companies, but not all are licensed and insured professionals like the experts at GTA Wildlife Removal & Pest Control Ltd.

CAUTION ! Raccoons bite and may spread diseases

Raccoons that are out side during daylight and are moving sluggish may have distemper, rabies or be injured and should only be handled by a professional wildlife control specialist.

 We use only the most humane methods currently available


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