Rodents - Mice and Rats
Since the dawn of man, mice have lived close to and directly from the spoils of mankind. These rodents are continually on the move seeking protection, shelter and food...

Effective Control and Prevention Services

We investigate your problem in detail, because we know that once inside a building, rodents seek isolated hidden areas inside the premises such as the interiors of walls, garages and attics. With their flexible vertebrae, they are able to climb, dig and squeeze into holes and cracks of the exterior walls of buildings, virtually at will. By the time their presence is noticed, they have been already inside the buildings, busily breeding away for some time.

These safe hiding places puts these rodents in close proximity to humans. A mother rodent has her babies in litters of about six at a time, approximately every six weeks. A small number can easily go unnoticed for many weeks, even years; until the population has substantially increased. This occurs when the mice/rats outgrow the readily available food supply and they must branch out from within the walls and attic voids increasing their territory.

The most effective solution of eliminating these rodents is to use a rodenticide. The rodents feed at bait stations that we have placed in strategic locations.

Baiting stations result in a quickly reduced infestation from the anticoagulant chemical bait inside them. Their breeding cycle is thereby interrupted; until no further evidence is noticed.

Government licensed anticoagulant rodenticides offer the quickest and most effective solution to mice infestations The only full proof system for a continuous rodent free environment is annual rodenticide treatment. In some cases homes and offices may require bi-yearly and even monthly rodenticide service to ensure that any re-appearances of infestations are controlled and eliminated.

 We use only Government Licensed Schedule Class 2 Rodenticides


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